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The Dr. MacLeod’s product range provide unrivalled variety, patient benefits, quality, taste and nutrition. A proven range Dr. MacLeod's products are used by nursing homes, hospitals and medical specialists for the treatment of obesity, aged and palliative care, plus dysphagia and nutrition support.

Our Products

QuikThik "Lump free, taste free, easy thickening" QuikThik food and fluid thickener mixes instantly leaving no lumps and without altering taste. Ideal for dysphagia management.  
QuikThikPLUS   NEW!! "Clear, advanced thickening" QuikThikPLUS food and fluid thickener offers the latest in food technology. Ideal for dysphagia management, QuikThikPLUS is taste free, lump free, easy to mix and thickens clear. 
GuarThik "Economical, taste-free thickening" GuarThik is a high quality, natural gum product that is excellent for thickening foods and fluids. Ideal for dysphagia management.
Boost "Great tasting, complete nutrition support" Boost is a  nutritional supplement range ideal for any person unable to eat a balanced diet and therefore at risk of poor nutrition. Nutritionally superior support.
BoostA "Neutral nutritional support" is a high protein and vitamin enriched neutral flavoured supplement. BoostA can be added to any savoury food to increase the nutritional profile.
Cranberry Burst "Beat UTIs for just $0.96 per day" Cranberry Burst is a high potency supplement developed to promote urinary tract health.
Fruity Fibre "Dual action supplement for bowel health" Fruity Fibre has been developed to offer the combined benefits of short term constipation relief and long term healthy bowel management.

Latest News

what a waist!

The Federal Government’s recent Measure Up campaign is sending a powerful message to us all about the importance of keeping check of our waist measurement. The initiative stems from research findings that chronic disease - such as some cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes - is a fast growing problem in Australia and it’s clear that certain lifestyle behaviours lead to chronic disease. These include being overweight or obese, not getting enough physical activity, smoking, harmful alcohol consumption and unhealthy eating.   Read More >>

UTIs (urinary tract infections)

Urinary tract infections are very common in women, babies and the elderly. The most common cause is a bacteria called E. coli, which usually lives in the bowel. Infection can target the urethra, bladder or kidneys. Approximately 50% of women and 5% of men will contract a UTI in their lifetime.  Read More >>


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