Food and fluid thickener for lump free, taste free swallowing assistance.

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For those with dysphagia QuikThik food and fluid thickener offers an easy to use thickener that allows for continued enjoyment of favourite foods and drinks. QuikThik mixes instantly leaving no lumps and without altering taste. Ideal for the regular preparation of small or bulk quantities, simply add QuikThik and mix with a teaspoon.

Why use

  • No taste, flavour or smell ensuring patient compliance & maximised hydration.
  • Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Lactose Free
  • Easy to Mix QuikThik can be mixed both by hand with a spoon & gentle agitation or by blending if required for bulk quantities.
  • Rapid, Stable Thickening
  • Simple and accurate measuring with convenient scoops
  • Fat Free and Low Energy QuikThik should be suitable for diabetics.


QuikThik Brochure

QuikThik Mixing Instructions

NEW IDDSI QuikThik Mixing Instructions