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Weight Loss Product FAQ’s

Yes. Our VLED range of weight loss products includes both Dr. MacLeod’s VLED and Dr Tim’s Success VLED products. This means that you can choose from either range to use on your weight loss program.

VLED stands for Very Low Energy Diet and is also referred to as a VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet. A VLED is a nutritionally complete program for the dietary management of obesity that typically provides 800 calories per day as well as the recommended daily nutritional requirements for macronutrients and micronutrients.

Dr. MacLeod’s VLED Keto Plan is proven to be very effective in obesity management with average weight loss for men being 9kg in 4 weeks and women 6kg in 4 weeks.

Our Keto Plan offers rapid safe weight loss through ketosis. Ketosis is fat metabolism, and therefore the rapid weight loss you experience on our Plans is fat loss. Whether or not you maintain your lower weight depends on your ongoing balance of Meals, Move and Mode – not how quickly you lost the weight.

Medical studies have shown that even a small weight loss has significant health benefits. For this reason, we recommend aiming for a 5-10% weight loss goal. This can be revised when you achieve your goal, but this is a realistic and achievable goal for anyone.

BMI is a guide but is not completely accurate. Often when people enter a weight reduction Plan they tend to think that their goal weight should be their “ideal” body weight (BMI 20 – 25). If only moderately overweight this outcome could be a realistic expectation. However, the heavier you are and the longer you have been battling with your weight, the less likely you will be able to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. We recommend firstly aiming for a weight loss goal of between 5- 10% because even a small weight loss goal achieved and maintained significantly improves your health.

Yes! Developed by a specialist medical doctor, the Dr MacLeod’s Plans are safe, and you can feel confident in the results.
Ketosis is the natural process of fat metabolism, as the body metabolises fat body weight reduced, which results in weight loss as the body metabolises excess fat stores body weight reduces. The name of the natural body process for metabolising fat into substances called ketones that can be used by the body as fuel or energy. This break down of fat results in fat loss and causes you to lose weight. The Keto Plan has been nutritionally balanced for your body to naturally begin this safe fat burning process.

Yes. Dr MacLeod’s is a family owned company operating on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Each Dr MacLeod’s Plan is based on the Dr MacLeod’s Tripod of Meals, Move and Mode because each element is important for long term weight loss success. Move includes activity, movement and exercise.

Yes, but heat to drinkable temperature only. If you use boiling water the vitamin formulation may be damaged and be less effective.

Please refer to our Product Information sheet

Please refer to our Product Information sheet

Please refer to our Product Information sheet

Yes. All of our products are manufactured here in Australia, providing jobs and growth to our local economy.