Our proven plan that delivers fast, safe weight loss through ketosis.

Dr. MacLeod’s Keto

Dr. MacLeod’s VLED Keto Plan is a proven weight loss program. The Keto Plan provides you a nutritionally complete combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats which has been proven to help preserve muscle mass while you lose fat through ketosis.

How much weight can you expect to lose?

Dr. MacLeod’s VLED Keto Plan is proven to be very effective in obesity management with average weight loss for men being 9kg in 4 weeks and women 6kg in 4 weeks.

What you do

On the Keto Plan you can eat up to six times per day with a combination of Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products, Keto Meal and Keto Snacks. You can structure your daily intake to enjoy your meals at times that suit you and you can change your meal plan at any time during your program to suit your schedule and preferences.

Daily Meal Plan












On the KetoPlan, you have 1 Keto Meal per day.

KetoMeals are low carbohydrate main meals with each serve containing 10 grams of carbohydrates.

Each day on the Keto Plan you’ll enjoy one KetoMeal as your main meal including lean protein and KetoVeg. You can have your KetoMeal for breakfast, lunch or dinner – whatever suits your routine.

Choose from hundreds of delicious and satisfying Keto Meal recipes the entire family will love in our Recipe Book or available free to download on the Keto Recipes page.

On the KetoPlan, you have unlimited Keto Veg per day.

KetoVeg are low starch, low carbohydrate salads and vegetables that you can enjoy as part of your KetoMeal and KetoSnacks. KetoVeg are packed with fibre which assists with maintaining your bowel health and helps to keep you feeling full. KetoVeg are also low in calories so make sure you add plenty to your daily intake.

See the KetoVeg Food list in your Keto Plan eGuide for a list of options – divided into Lowest, Lower and Low carbohydrate content to help you to make informed choices.

On the KetoPlan, you have 2 Keto Snacks per day.

Snacks can add variety and interest to your weight loss program and make dieting easier.

KetoSnacks are low calorie, low carbohydrate snacks that contain less than 60 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrates per serve. You can enjoy KetoSnacks on the Keto Plan up to twice per day.

We recommend if you are not hungry don’t snack – you will lose more weight if you snack less.

Choose from hundreds of delicious and satisfying Keto Snack recipes in your eGuide, the Recipe Book or available free to download on the Keto Recipes page.

On the KetoPlan, you have unlimited Keto Drinks per day.

Drinks suitable for the Keto Plan are low calorie and low carbohydrate options such as soda water, mineral waters, diet soft drinks and diet cordials. Any drink you choose should contain nil or negligible carbohydrates. We recommend you should aim to have 60% to 100% of your fluids as calorie free beverages.

Tea and coffee is permitted on the KetoPlan – any sweetener must be a sugar substitute (not sugar) and your total daily milk intake to whiten your tea and coffee is limited to 1 cup.

As a ketogenic weight loss program, the Keto Plan works by restricting your intake of daily dietary carbohydrates to less than 60-70grams. As a result there are some foods and drinks that you must avoid while on this program. This includes foods and drinks that are rich in carbohydrates, sugar and calories.

Eating any of these foods – even in small amounts – will cause your body to stop ketosis, therefore you must avoid alcohol, all foods containing flour and sugar, high starch vegetables such as potatoes, peas, corn, pumpkin, sweet potato, rice and noodles and all fruit.

Alcoholic beverages stop the ketosis process because the body will use the alcohol sugars in preference to body fat. One gram of alcohol in its purest form (ethyl alcohol) provides your body with 7 calories – often referred to as “empty calories” because they are calories without nutrition.

Alcoholic beverages of all types – wine, beer, mixed drinks – must be avoided on a ketogenic program because even a small amount will stop ketosis.

Although fruit is very nutritious, it is also high in calories, carbohydrates and sugars. As a result, fruit must be avoided on the Keto Plan to ensure that carbohydrate restriction is maintained under the ketosis level of 60-70 grams per day.

The Keto Plan is nutritionally complete, and therefore the nutrition of fruit is not required.

Tips for KetoPlan Success

Read your eGuide – to achieve the best weight loss results it is important to follow your Keto Plan guidelines

Learn about nutrition, body fuel and ketosis with the online Tools and Health Hub – vital to your understanding of weight management

Be prepared and committed by staying focused on your goal of losing weight and improving your health