Dr. MacLeod’s Keto Plan Pack


Program designed for healthy nutrition and fast, safe weight loss through ketosis.


Dr. MacLeod’s VLED Keto Plan is a proven weight loss program. The Keto Plan provides you a nutritionally complete combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats which has been proven to help preserve muscle mass while you lose fat through ketosis.

On the Keto Plan you can eat up to six times per day with a combination of Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products, Keto Meal and Keto Snacks. You can structure your daily intake to enjoy your meals at times that suit you and you can change your meal plan at any time during your program to suit your schedule and preferences.

The Pack

The 28 day Keto Plan Pack includes

  • 56 VLED Meals (shakes, soups, bars)  – enough for 2 per day over 28 days.
  • The Keto Plan eGuide that is packed with everything you need to follow our program including
    • Keto Plan information for Meals, Move and Mode.
    • Keto Meal food list
    • Guide to Ketosis
    • Keto Snack list
  • Free bonus gifts
    • 2 x shakers
    • 2 x Dr. MacLeod’s Chocolate Treats
    • Free Shipping

Save $46.40 and start losing weight today!