Our calorie balance, healthy meal plan for long term weight maintenance.

Dr. MacLeod’s Balance

Dr. MacLeod’s Balance Plan is a calorie balanced program that you can follow to maintain your weight loss or stop your weight gain!

The Balance Plan gives you tools and practical advice on MEALS, MOVE and MODE – to manage your weight by balancing your calorie intake with daily activity. Successful long term weight loss maintenance must involve a willingness not only to take a different road but also a commitment to make long term change.

On the Balance Plan you’ll enjoy Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products, meals and snacks on a daily meal plan personalised to your needs.

Balance Daily Meal Plan












Whether you lose or gain weight comes down to a balance of BODY FUEL IN (the calories we eat) and BODY FUEL OUT (the calories we use).

Weight gain occurs when more body fuel is eaten than is used and weight loss occurs when less body fuel is consumed that is required.

If the amount of body fuel consumed equals the amount of body fuel used – body weight remains unchanged. Therefore, to achieve long term weight maintenance you simply need to use up the energy you consume with the right amount of activity and exercise that your weight remains the same

Understanding your own balance of BODY FUEL IN and BODY FUEL OUT is the key to lifelong healthy weight maintenance.

Body Fuel Out – is the amount of calories you use each day and is determined by 2 factors Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Physical Activity (PA):


Body Fuel In – is the calories you consume. With an understanding of how many calories per day your body requires (body fuel out), you can structure a healthy meal plan that provides you with the right balance of calories and nutrients

Our Balance Plan will show you step by step how to calculate your Balance.

On the Balance Plan, you select from VLED Meals, healthy meals and snacks across a number of food groups to achieve your daily calorie intake. You can structure your daily intake to enjoy your meals at times that suit you and you can change your meal plan at any time during your program to suit your schedule and preferences. We recommend eating small meals regularly.

Maintaining an adequate level of hydration is integral to digestion and the prevention of constipation and drinking plenty of fluids can help you to control your appetite for food.

We recommend that you aim to have at least 60% of your fluids as calorie-free beverages such as plain mineral waters, water or “diet” soft drinks and that you consume 2 litres of fluid per day.

On the Balance Plan no food is off limits. Maintaining your balance is about awareness and knowing how to make allowances in your calorie consumption when your activities differ OR to be more active on days that you have eaten more calories. You can enjoy birthday cake at your child’s birthday party – but to maintain your balance you’ll need to increase your activity that week.