Boost Neutral 10kg


A versatile supplement to boost the nutrition of foods and drinks.

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Boost Neutral

Boost Neutral is an unflavoured supplement that can be added to a wide range of sweet, savoury, hot and cold foods and drinks to provide maximum nutrition easily. Just 1 small scoop (38g) of Boost Neutral provides a high level of key micronutrients including calcium, zinc, magnesium and folate as well as 15.7g of high quality whey protein.

Enjoy your favourite foods and drinks with the added benefit of boosted nutrition simply by adding a scoop of Boost Neutral.

Why use?

  • Versatile Easy to mix into hot & cold foods & beverages without altering flavour.
  • High protein to assist with maintaining muscle mass, tissue building and repair.
  • High energy to help achieve & maintain a healthy weight.
  • Inulin fibre a prebiotic that stimulates healthy gut bacteria to aid digestion for good digestive health.
  • High calcium to support & maintain bone structure & strength

Directions and Product Information

Add one scoop (38g) per 200mL serve of any food or beverage and agitate until dissolved.

Boost Neutral can be mixed into milk and juice, yoghurt, jelly and custard, casseroles and soups, cereals and porridge and more.

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