Step up….it’s free, simple and a fantastically easy activity.
Find a sturdy bench seat or simply use a step in or around your house. Simply stand in front of your step, lift one knee and place your foot completely on top of the step. Now step up by raising your other foot and place it completely on the step so your feet are together.

Step down with one foot, followed by the other. To ensure your legs get an equal workout, alternate the foot that steps up first.

Start at a comfortable pace to get your heart rate up, and over time you can increase the intensity by going faster, longer and harder.

  • Faster – try increasing the speed that you step up and down
  • Longer – try to do more step ups so that you are stepping for a longer period of time
  • Harder – try to increase the difficulty by increasing the height of the step.

Keep your head up, your tummy and bottom tucked in, breathe and take your best step…UP!