Everyday Active Living

You know you should do it, but how do you find the time?

If you’re like most Aussies and you feel that life is just too busy to squeeze in regular exercise, it’s time to take a fresh approach. There are so many ways you can add activity to your day and increase your fitness, and importantly, have fun in the process. The key is finding active opportunities throughout the day, every day.

First things first buy a pedometer, FitBit or other activity monitor to track your progress. Wear it on your belt to record the number of steps you take over the course of a day.

The challenge is to increase the number of steps you take and before you know it you’ll be stepping up from dozens, to hundreds, to thousands of steps each day and feeling great! Here are some other ways to increase your activity:

  • Do the housework hustle – turn the music up and do the vacuum cleaner lunge, the clothes line bend and lift or even the window wash aerobics. When you focus on the good you’re doing your body, it’ll take the bore out of the chore.
  • Take at least two flights a day – rather than step on an escalator, take to the stairs at the shopping centre or at work. For a bit of fun and trivia, count the number of stairs in your local shopping centre.
  • Make a meal of it – preparing a meal burns twice as many calories as ordering one (more if you count the shopping), so make the most out of your kitchen.
  • Be an active spectator – If you have children or grandchildren who play sport, pace the sidelines, and certainly feel free to jump up and down when a goal is scored. Rather than sit and watch practice, wear comfortable shoes and take a walk around the oval and this added activity will really give you something to cheer about.
  • Take a break for goodness sake – leave your desk behind and take a walk around the block or through your local park before you sit down to eat. Ask a colleague to join you, or use the opportunity to run errands or just clear your head and recharge your batteries.

Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised by just how much activity you can build into your day. When it becomes part of your every day routine, and you view it as an extra opportunity for losing weight, it’s easy to stay motivated.