Daily protein

Dietary protein is one of our most essential nutrients, sourced from seafood, poultry, meats, or meatless options.

Proteins occur in all living cells and are comprised of small units called amino acids. There are 20 amino acids that can be assembled in different sequences and lengths to make different proteins. The body breaks down proteins during digestion to release the amino acids which are then used as building blocks for body tissues and vital body substances such as enzymes and hormones.
Eating sufficient protein and a variety of protein is important to ensure your body gets enough amino acids required to produce vital body proteins.

Your body doesn’t store protein so it’s important to consume adequate protein in your daily diet. The amount of dietary protein you require is determined by your age, gender, weight and health. The RDI (recommended daily intake) for protein requirements of adult men and women is determined per kilogram of body weight:

  • Men require 0.84g of protein per kilogram of body weight
  • Women require 0.75g of protein per kg of body weight

As an example: a 65kg adult female requires 49g of protein per day. This would be consumed in approximately 160g of lean rump steak.