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Premium thickener to aid swallowing

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QuikThik PLUS

QuikThikPLUS offers those who have difficulty swallowing or dysphagia a clear, taste free and lump free thickening solution. QuikThikPLUS utilizes the latest developments in food technology, to provide those with dysphagia the most advanced solution for all thickening needs.

Why use?

  • Simple and accurate measuring with convenient colour coded scoops. Minimise error and minimise waste.
  • No flavour or smell QuikThikPLUS will not alter the taste or appearance of foods or fluids
  • Transparent – QuikThikPLUS mixes clear
  • Thickens Movicol easily with no lumps
  • Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Lactose Free, Fat Free
  • Easy to Mix – QuikThikPLUS can be mixed both by hand with a spoon & gentle agitation or by blending if required for bulk quantities.
  • Low Sugar and Low Energy- QuikThikPLUS should be suitable for diabetics.
  • Rapid,  Stable thickening


  1. Measure out the total amount of QuikThikPLUS required and put it into a dry cup/glass/jug.

  2. Add fluid and stir immediately
  3. Agitate continually until QuikThikPLUS is completely dissolved — do not add more powder

  4. Allow fluids to stand until desired thickness is reached.

QuikThik PLUS Mixing Instructions

Product information

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