Dual action supplement for bowel health.



FibrePLUS combines ingredients to promote laxation as well as soluble dietary fibre ideal for constipation prevention and long term healthy bowel management.

A delicious berry flavoured drink, FibrePLUS provides5.8 grams of fibre in a tiny 50ml drink.


Why use?

  • High Fibre—5.8g per serve
  • Small serve makes it easy to consume
  • Delicious berry flavoured drink
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free
  • Cholesterol Free

Our difference

Fibre is a key component in maintaining everyday and long term health by keeping your digestive system healthy.

If you are like most Australians that only consume half their daily fibre needs, Fibre Plus is a delicious, quick and easy way to increase your daily fibre intake.

Developed for aged and high care, Fruity Fibre offers a bowel health product that can be administered in a small fluid dose.


Add 2 teaspoons (14g) to 50ml of cold water and stir until dissolved. Consume immediately.


For immediate relief consume 1—3 servings per day as required.

To maintain regularity consume 1 serving per day.

Active ingredients per serve

Fruity Fibre combines ingredients to promote laxation as well as soluble dietary fibre ideal for constipation prevention.

Xylitol: draws water into the large intestine, stimulating bowel movements and causing a laxative effect.

Inulin: is a super prebiotic soluble fibre that stimulates the production of healthy gut bacteria in the large intestine to aid with digestion. Inulin in the digestive tract also aids in the prevention of infection which may lead to digestive distress by limiting pathogenic bacteria in the intestines.


Product info sheet

Fibre Plus Product Info Sheet

Nutrition info


Ave Qty per serve (14g)Ave Qty per 100g
Energy175kJ 1250kJ
Fat, Total0.0g 0.0g
Dietary Fibre5.8g41.7g