Dr. MacLeod’s VLED Bar Choc-Caramel


Complete convenience, the Dr. MacLeod’s VLED bars are ideal as a meal on the go with no preparation required.

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All of our VLED weight loss products contain a nutritionally complete combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats which has been proven to help preserve muscle mass while you lose fat. Additionally, each product contains the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain your health.

Our VLED range incorporates the Dr. MacLeod’s VLED and the Dr Tim’s Success VLED products.

Why use?

VLED programs are a medically accepted and clinically proven weight loss method that provide the benefits of the motivating effect of rapid weight loss and a mild ketosis that may suppress hunger. Dr. MacLeod’s VLED programs have been shown to be very effective in obesity management with average weight loss for men being 9kg in 4 weeks and women 6kg in 4 weeks.

Ref: Delbridge E & Proietto J (2006) State of the science: VLED (very low energy diet) for obesity. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 15 Suppl: 49–54.

Our difference

The Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products are used for the medical treatment of overweight and obesity across Australia and New Zealand and is the preferred product range of many bariatric (weight loss) surgeons and medical specialists.

Proudly developed and made in Australia, Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products and been used by thousands of weight loss patients since 1992.


Is a VLED weight loss program right for you?

The Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products and program is a safe and effective way to achieve significant weight loss and may be a great option for you if one or more of the following applies to you:

  1. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is greater than 30.
  2. You are male with a waist circumference greater than 102cm.
  3. You are female with a waist circumference greater than 88cm.
  4. Your BMI is greater than 27, and you suffer with health conditions that are aggravated by or associated with overweight and obesity (co-morbidities).

Your suitability for this type of weight loss should be determined in consultation with your health care professional.

Nutrition info


Ave Qty per serve (50g)Ave Qty per 100gPer MJ
Energy850kJ (212Cal)1700kJ (387Cal)1000kJ (239Cal)
Fat, Total8.5g16.9g9.9g
Dietary Fibre5.2g10.3g6.1g
VitaminsPer serve% RDI/ ESDDI per servePer MJ
Vitamin A450ug60% RDI529ug
Vitamin D5.0ug50% RDI5.8ug
Vitamin E6.0mg60% RDI7.1ug
Vitamin C32.0mg80% RDI37.6mg
Thiamin (B1)0.66mg60% RDI0.8mg
Riboflavin B21.0mg60% RDI1.2mg
Niacin (B3)8.0mg80% RDI9.4mg
Vitamin B61.3mg80% RDI1.5mg
Vitamin B121.5ug75% RDI1.7ug
Folic Acid (B9)180ug90% RDI211.7ug
Biotin90.0ug300% ESADDI105.8ug
Vitamin K45ug56% ESADDI53ug
Pantothenate (B5)3.0mg60% ESADDI4.71mg
Calcium400mg50% RDI470mg
Iron9.6mg80% RDI11.3mg
Iodine90ug60% RDI105.9ug
Magnesium193mg60% RDI227mg
Copper1.2mg40% ESADDI1.4mg
Zinc7.2mg60% RDI8.5mg
Manganese1.5mg30% ESADDI1.8mg
Chromium50.0ug25% ESADDI58ug
Selenium35ug50% RDI41.2ug
Molybdenum90.0ug36% ESADDI105.9ug