VLED Weight Loss

Dr. MacLeod's VLED 

The Dr. MacLeod's VLED (Very Low Energy Diet) products are used for the medical treatment of overweight and obesity across Australia and New Zealand and is the preferred product range of many bariatric (weight loss) surgeons and medical specialists.

Proudly developed and made in Australia, Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products and been used by thousands of weight loss patients since 1992.

How does it work?

Using VLEDs in place of meals restricts your daily kilojoule intake and carbohydrate intake to a level lower than your body requires which leads to your body using stored fat for energy. As your body converts fat to energy, you will reduce your fat stores and lose weight. 

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Dr. MacLeod's VLED products

There are 9 Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products in our range, giving you a great variety of sweet and savoury flavours to choose from. Each product has been extensively taste tested to ensure it is delicious.

  • DRINKS- Creamy milkshake style drinks in 5 flavours. 
  • SOUPS- Rich and hearty the soups are a great alternative to sweet flavours.
  • BARS- Complete convenience, the bars are ideal as a meal on the go with no preparation required. Available in 2 chewy flavours .


Purchasing the Dr. MacLeod’s VLED

The Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products are available to you under the guidance and support of your supervising health care professional. They can design a program that is suitable for you, or they can prescribe the Dr. MacLeod’s weight loss program as per our Programs. These products are not available to purchase online or through retail outlets.

There are 2 ways you can obtain the Dr. MacLeod's VLED. 
  1. Your doctor, dietician or medical weight loss clinic can order the Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products to make available to you.
  2. Alternatively you can purchase the Dr. Macleod’s VLED products directly in 3 easy steps:
    1. Download this order form: 

      Dr. MacLeod's VLED Order Form Dr. MacLeod's VLED Order Form (341 KB)

    2. Have your health care professional authorise the supply of products to you by signing where indicated.
    3. Send your authorised order form to Dr. MacLeod’s head office by post, fax or email for quick product delivery direct to you.

Should your health care professional require any further information they can contact us for a complete product information package or review this page. 



Preparing for Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery

Your surgeon may have recommended the use of a VLED product prior to bariatric surgery. This is because losing weight prior to surgery has many proven benefits including reduced operating time and risk and improved recovery time. Additionally, VLED weight loss has been proven as the best way to reduce the size of the liver and reduce fat around the stomach. This makes the surgical process less risky as the liver and stomach are easier for the surgeon to access and move.

The Dr. MacLeod’s VLED products are used and recommended by bariatric surgeons.




How To Order

Step 1. Select the product you wish to buy by searching or browsing the product categories and placing it in your shopping cart.

Step 2. Click checkout and follow the easy step by step process.

Step 3. If you are a returning customer, sign into your account using your email account and password. If you're a new customer, complete the simple "new account sign up" process (you can login or sign up either before or during the checkout process).

Step 4. You can pay online using your Visa or Mastercard

If you have any problems ordering Dr. MacLeod's products online, visit our FAQs. If you have any problems you can fill in our contact us form or email sales@drmacleods.com.au.