Quikthik - Lump free, taste free, easy thickening.

QuikThik food and fluid thickener mixes instantly leaving no lumps and without altering taste. QuikThik is ideal for thickening both large and small quantities - you can either blend with a high speed blender or simply add QuikThik and mix with a teaspoon. It is as easy as stirring sugar into your tea!

QuikThik can be used to thicken all types of foods and fluids including water, juice, cordials, tea, coffee, milk based products, alcohol, soups and pureed foods. QuikThik also easily thickens Movicol. 

Download the mixing instructions sheet here:

Dr. MacLeod's QuikThik mixing instructions Dr. MacLeod's QuikThik mixing instructions (358 KB)


Who is it for?

QuikThik is ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing or dysphagia. QuikThik  thickens fluids and foods to offer those with swallowing difficulties

  • improved swallowing coordination
  • decreased risk of food or fluid entering the lungs
  • increased enjoyment of eating.  


Why choose QuikThik?

  • No taste, flavour or smell ensuring patient compliance & maximised hydration.
  • Thickens Movicol easily
  • Contains Soluble Dietary Fibre - for good digestive health
  • Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Lactose Free
  • Easy to Mix - QuikThik can be mixed both by hand with a spoon & gentle agitation or by blending if required for bulk quantities.
  • Fat Free and Low Energy- QuikThik should be suitable for diabetics.


Nutritional Information

Download the Data Sheet here:

Dr. MacLeod's QuikThik Data Sheet Dr. MacLeod's QuikThik Data Sheet (154 KB)

  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free 
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Low sugar, very low salt 
  • Fat Free and Low Energy – QuikThik should be suitable for diabetics.

 Download product information here:

Dr. MacLeod's QuikThik brochure Dr. MacLeod's QuikThik brochure (993 KB)



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