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Boost - Great tasting, complete nutrition.

Dr. MacLeod's Boost is a great tasting nutritional supplement range ideal for any person unable to eat a balanced diet and therefore at risk of poor nutrition. Boost contains a balanced combination of essential nutrients, high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in a variety of easy to prepare, delicious meals.

A single serve of any flavour provides 50% RDI of vitamins & minerals and 1/3 of daily protein requirements. 

Download boost brochure here:  

Dr. MacLeod's Boost Dr. MacLeod's Boost (7759 KB)


Great Flavours

Not just milky drinks! The boost range offers you a wide variety of sweet and savoury flavours including drinks, desserts, jellies and soups.

Drinks - Banana, Iced Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

  • Light and creamy
  • Great flavour variety
  • Easy to prepare - just add water and shake

Jellies - Lime, Raspberry and Pineapple.

  • Fruity and refreshing
  • Highly appealing to children and fussy eaters
  • Ideal for those unable to tolerate milky supplements
  • May help to overcome altered taste sensations resulting from chemotherapy and radio therapy treatments
  • Enhance the flavour enjoyment for those with reduced taste sensitivity due to medication or age.

Soups - Cream of Chicken, Butternut Pumpkin

  • Savoury and lightly spiced
  • Delicious alternative to sweet flavoured supplements
  • Perfect for colder days
  • contains amino acids for tissue repair and wound healing
  • Low in Lactose

Desserts - Mango, Vanilla

  • For those who prefer a spoonable consistency
  • Ideal for those with impaired swallowing, chewing or tooth loss
  • Versatile - enjoy on its own or add to fruit, smoothies and drinks.




Nutritionally Superior

Boost gives you the highest level of nutritional support - so that you get 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and protein in just 3 serves per day. 

Drinks - 99% fat free, contains fibre, low salt, low cholesterol, gluten free

Desserts - 99% fat free, contains fibre, low salt, low cholesterol, gluten free

Soups - contains fibre, low lactose

Jellies - 99% fat free, contains fibre, low salt, low cholesterol, gluten free


Download nutritional information here:

Dr. MacLeod's Boost Desserts Dr. MacLeod's Boost Desserts (153 KB)

Dr. MacLeod's boost Drinks Dr. MacLeod's boost Drinks (165 KB)

Dr. MacLeod's boost Jellies Dr. MacLeod's boost Jellies (150 KB)

Dr. MacLeod's boost Soups Dr. MacLeod's boost Soups (144 KB)


Why choose boost?

  • Nutritionally Superior—one serve provides 50% RDI of vitamin and mineral needs and 1/3 of daily protein requirements.
  • Great flavours—enjoy a variety of great tasting flavours.
  • Easy to Prepare—just add water.
  • High in protein – to assist in muscle and tissue repair and growth
  • Contains soluble dietary fibre (FOS) - for good digestive health
  • Soups contain amino acids for tissue repair and wound healing.
  • Economical – enjoy a meal from just $1.99 per serve



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