QuikThikPLUS 4kg


Premium thickener to aid swallowing



QuikThikPLUS offers those who have difficulty swallowing or dysphagia a clear, taste free and lump free thickening solution.

Why use?

  • Simple and accurate measuring with convenient colour coded scoops. Minimise error and minimise waste.
  • No flavour or smell QuikThikPLUS will not alter the taste or appearance of foods or fluids
  • Transparent – QuikThikPLUS mixes clear
  • Thickens Movicol easily with no lumps
  • Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Lactose Free, Fat Free
  • Easy to Mix – QuikThikPLUS can be mixed both by hand with a spoon & gentle agitation or by blending if required for bulk quantities.
  • Low Sugar and Low Energy- QuikThikPLUS should be suitable for diabetics.
  • Rapid,  Stable thickening

Our difference

Dysphagia refers to difficulty in swallowing most commonly caused by neurological disorders such as stroke,Parkinson disease, and dementia. People with dysphagia are more likely to suffer with dehydration and malnutrition and therefore it is important to manage their condition by adapting their eating and drinking. At Oltra we provide healthcare inspired solutions. QuikThikPLUS utilizes the latest developments in food technology, to provide those with dysphagia the most advanced solution for all thickening needs.


  1. Measure out the total amount of QuikThikPLUS required and put it into a dry cup/glass/jug.

  2. Add fluid and stir immediately
  3. Agitate continually until QuikThikPLUS is completely dissolved — do not add more powder

  4. Allow fluids to stand until desired thickness is reached.

Full mixing instructions

Product info sheet

QuikThik product info sheet