Constipated or just infrequent?

Changes to your diet may cause changes in the bathroom.

It makes sense that if you significantly change your eating you could see changes in your toileting habits. Before you get too concerned about this, distinguish between infrequency and true constipation.

Infrequency means that you may not visit the toilet as often, but when you do your bowel movements are normal and comfortable. This is a normal consequence of eating less and needs no treatment.

Constipation means that as well as being infrequent, movements are hard, difficult to pass and uncomfortable. This does need treatment. Help your body become more regular by increasing your water and fibre intake. The main role of fibre is to keep the digestive system healthy and water keeps it hydrated to keep things moving.

At Dr Tim’s Success, we make eating more fibre easy for you with high fibre JellyFull. JellyFull is a tasty, low kilojoule treat and a great way to add extra fibre to your diet.

Alternatively you could try plain psyllium husks. Put 2 teaspoons of psyllium husks in your meal replacement drink once per day if needed. OR use a commercial fibre supplement – just be careful to choose one that doesn’t contain sugar. Please check the labels for more information.

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